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Thirty-four genera and fifty species and subspecies of Paleogene larger foraminifera from Jamaican localities are reviewed and illustrated. Three species, Athecocyclina stephensoni, Hexagonocyclina inflata, and Ranikothalia catenula, are from Paleocene localities in eastern Jamaica, described for the first time. Ten species first appear in the early Eocene, sixteen in the early middle Eocene, and nine in the late middle Eocene. Four species are confined to the late Eocene. Six species first appear in the early Oligocene, including such characteristic forms as Lepidocyclina undosa and L. yurnagunensis. The first occurrence of Miogypsinoides spp. is used to define the base of the upper Oligocene, but in the back-reef and lagoonal carbonates of the White Limestone Group the boundary between the lower and upper Oligocene is still poorly defined. Here, peneroplid and related forms, such as Archaias asmaricus, not previously recorded from the Caribbean region, and Praerhapydionina delicata are of local biostratigraphic importance.

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