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Nonechinoid echinoderms are poorly known from the fossil record of Jamaica and only occur as disarticulated plates. Only crinoid columnals have hitherto been reported. However, asteroid marginal ossicles and ophiuroid vertebral ossicles are also locally common. Three species of isocrinid are recognized: cf. Cenocrinus asterius (Linné) from the Lower Pleistocene, Diplocrinus sp. from the Miocene, and an isocrinid sp. indet. from the Eocene. The microcrinoid Applinocrinus cretacea (Bather) and an indeterminate comatulid are both known from the Upper Cretaceous. Asteroid marginal plates (astropectinids and/or goniasterids) have been recovered from two Maastrichtian, three Eocene, and one Oligocene localities. Ophiuroid vertebral ossicles have been recovered from a patch reef in the back-reef lagoonal facies of the Upper Pleistocene (last interglacial) Falmouth Formation.

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