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Thirteen species of fossil articulate brachiopod are documented from the Cretaceous and Cenozoic rocks of Jamaica. Dyscritothyris sp. cf. D. cubensis and Terebratulina? sp. are described from the upper Cretaceous; the Cenozoic fauna comprises the rhynchonellide Probolarina? sp., the thecideid Lacazella sp. cf. L. caribbeanensis and the terebratulides Gryphus? sp., Tichosina sp., Argyrotheca sp. cf. A. barrettiana, A. sp. cf. A. magnicostata, A. sp. 1 and A. sp. 2, Terebratulina sp. cf. T. palmeri, Terebratulina sp., and Hercothyris sp. cf. H. semiradiata.

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