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SeisView provides a basic framework to construct an exploration and production integrated workstation. The programmer or the explorationist constructs new applications or new processing sequences by taking preprogrammed functional objects and graphically connecting them to form a new application program without writing any new code in a traditional high-level language. These objects are interactive objects (menus, icons, etc.), data objects (plane, trace, etc.), processing program objects (NMO, Mute, etc.).

For the programmer this system provides an object-oriented environment to describe (1) the rules of the dialogue between the system and the user, (2) the rules to access the programs, (3) the relations between the different programs.

For the explorationist this system will provide an homogeneous, integrated, easy-to-use workstation. SeisView includes a planner which advises the user what to do next, and how to use some processing tools, then guides the user in building the processing tasks. The planner controls the processing history.

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