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Acoustic Waveform Inversion: Case histories

January 01, 2017


“Acoustic Waveform Inversion: Case histories: This chapter presents four case histories of acoustic full-waveform inversion (FWI). These cases demonstrate that inverting each type of data requires a different series of processing steps to suppress the nonacoustic effects in the recorded data and to avoid cycle-skipping problems. The first example is the result of applying acoustic FWI to land data, in which the traces are time windowed about the early arrivals to avoid accounting for the elastic surface waves and converted waves. Inverting only the early arrivals minimizes the problem of cycle skipping and is denoted as early-arrival waveform tomography (EWT). The second example applies FWI to streamer data from the Gulf of Mexico, in which both shallow and deep reflection arrivals are emphasized uniformly by embedding an inner loop of least-squares migration (LSM) within the outer loop of nonlinear iterations. The LSM loop corrects for geometrical spreading (and attenuation if an anelastic modeling code is used) effects. Thus, it increases the amplitudes of deep reflections to be nearly the same magnitude as those from shallow reflections, which facilitates imaging below the diving waves. Finally, acoustic FWI is combined with viscoacoustic modeling to take into account the effects of attenuation in crosswell data. In this example, inverting the first arrivals provides a starting velocity model that is suficiently accurate so the later reflections mostly are not cycle skipped. Unlike the surface-land experiment, the crosswell experiment allows inversion of the “diving waves” at all depths.”

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists

Seismic Inversion

Gerard T. Schuster
Gerard T. Schuster
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January 01, 2017




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