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David Oldroyd served a double term (1996–2004) as Secretary-General of INHIGEO, working with Hugh Torrens (1996–2000) and Manuel Pinto (2000–04) as Presidents. Meeting sites during this time included Beijing (1996), Liège (1997), Neuchâtel (1998), Freiberg (1999), Rio de Janeiro (2000), Lisbon and Aveiro (2001), Paris (2002), Dublin (2003) and Florence (2004). Minor changes in the Terms of Reference and By-Laws aided the mission of INHIGEO. Continuity was a key aspect of Kennard Bork’s term (2004–08). President Philippe Taquet (2004–08) and the INHIGEO Board were responsive to resolving operational issues. Annual meetings were held in Italy (2004), the Czech Republic (2005), the Baltic States (2006), Germany (2007) and Norway (2008). In the period since 2008, INHIGEO has continued its success while undergoing constructive changes. The INHIGEO Newsletter has been transformed into the INHIGEO Annual Record, which is publicly available on the internet. The longstanding limit on membership numbers per country has been abandoned, a category of Associate Membership has been introduced and a quarterly INHIGEO Circular was introduced in 2012. An Affiliated Association category was created in 2014. This contribution focuses on the progress of INHIGEO in the years 1996 to the present day. It has been prepared by Kennard B. Bork, INHIGEO Secretary-General (2004–08) and Barry J. Cooper Secretary-General (2008–16). Tragically, David Oldroyd passed away on 7 November 2014 and could not contribute to this paper. In his place, one of us (KBB) discusses David’s major contributions.

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