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Some aspects of the early history of the International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences have been traced through original documents and the correspondence of its first President, Vladimir V. Tikhomirov (1915–94).


The article highlights the role of the Commission on Geological Exploration of the USSR (KOGI), formed in 1955 at the Geological Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The valuable experience gained during work on the large KOGI project was later used by Moscow geologists in 1964 in the proposal leading to the establishment of the International Committee on the History of Geology (INHIGEO). At its Constituent Assembly held in Yerevan in 1967, the decision resulted in the election of 15 founding members, 20 corresponding members and a working agenda and its by-laws in the adoption of the committee statutes. The first INHIGEO membership was approved at the 23rd IGC in Prague in 1968 (12 members and 29 corresponding members).

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