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Reconnaissance mapping of the UK’s continental shelf and slope by the British Geological Survey has led complete cover at a scale of 1:250 000 illustrating the Quaternary geology. The maps and accompanying reports give a summary of the characteristics of its component stratigraphic units.

The mapping has revealed that middle Pleistocene, late Pleistocene or Holocene sediments rest unconformably on pre-Quaternary deposits across much of the continental shelf. In the North Sea Basin, pre-Anglian deposits are thin or absent for up to 100 km east of the present coastline, although they are many hundreds of metres thick locally along the international median line. North and west of Scotland and southwest of England, pre-Anglian deposits are restricted to the outer shelf and continental slope. They probably also occur in a shallow basin extending from beneath the centre of St. George’s Channel into the south Irish Sea.

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