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The Fram discovery, located in the UK Central North Sea, comprises the Paleocene-aged Forties Sandstone Member with an oil rim and primary gas-cap trapped within a four-way dip closure around a pierced salt diapir. The Forties Sandstone Member reservoir at Fram is characterized by very-fine- to fine-grained sandstones interbedded with shales with post-depositional small-scale slumping and sand injection, interpreted to be the product of high-density turbidity currents and debris flows. Deposition was in an overall distal and marginal, basin-floor lobe environment. The Forties reservoir interval is considered to comprise a series of offset-stacked, turbidite lobes characterized by a systematic variation from axial amalgamated sandstone facies to more distal, marginal and thinner-bedded heterolithic sandstone facies, producing an overall sheet-like reservoir architecture. The Forties reservoir at Fram is thinner and poorer when compared with more proximal parts of the Forties submarine fan system, and reservoir quality is strongly controlled by sedimentary facies. The architecture of the reservoir is expected to result in poorer vertical, but greater lateral, stratigraphic continuity when compared with more channelized Forties reservoirs such as the Nelson and Forties fields further to the north. A key step in understanding and characterizing the Fram reservoir was the appraisal drilling in 2009, which included coring, comprehensive wireline logging, formation pressure data acquisition and a drill stem production test. This paper provides an overview of the Fram reservoir geology and demonstrates how integration of data acquired in the 2009 29/3c-8,8z appraisal wells with 3D seismic datasets, existing E&A wells and analogues has helped to improve reservoir characterization and identify the major subsurface uncertainties needing to be addressed during the field-development planning.

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