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Six rates (overburden accumulation, A’, diapiric rise, R’, extension, Ex’, shortening, Sh’, dissolution, D’, and erosion, Er’), mold the geometry of salt structures. In order to illustrate their influence on salt structures, for the first time, these parameters are shown together in a single plot. These parameters comprise three couples, A’ and Er’, R’ and D’, and Ex’ and Sh’, representing their negative and the positive end members. This work suggests that instead of conventionally representing the molding history of salt diapirs using only A’ and R’ rates, each of their profiles should be represented by a complex plot including all six parameters. To simplify this complex plot, three separate graphs could be plotted: A’ versus R’, A’ versus Ex’, and R’ versus Ex’. The weaknesses of backward modeling from single profiles of asymmetric salt structures can be overcome by using several profiles.

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