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The Ram/Powell Field is located in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico in 3200 feet of water. BPAmoco has a 31% WI in the field, which is currently producing from several stratigraphically trapped reservoirs. These reservoirs occur within the channel-levee facies of a submarine fan system in a mid to lower slope setting.

The L gas-condensate reservoir is trapped entirely within thin-bedded levee-overbank facies sands. The proximal and distal levee-overbank facies can be distinguished by net sand percentage and bedding architecture. These sands have porosities of 15–32% and permeabilities of 20–1000 mD; however, the presence of interbedded mudstones within a complex bedding architecture reduces apparent reservoir connectivity and was expected to decrease well rate and recovery.

The L reservoir is completed with a single 2500 foot near-horizontal well located in the proximal levee facies. The well peaked at a rate of 8.8 MBOPD and 108 MMCFD. Well data indicates that lateral and vertical connectivity is better than predicted from log and core data and that there is pressure communication across the entire 4000 acre reservoir. Three-dimensional connectivity is thought to be enhanced by small sand filled overbank channels which cut into obliquely dipping thin-bedded levee sands.

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