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Since the introduction of electrical borehole images over twenty years ago, many very useful applications have been developed for this data. Some of these applications range from hand-picked bed dips to fracture analysis; from thin-bedded pay determination to vugular porosity measurement; and from fault geometry determination to facies analysis. These applications are made possible because of the high resolution provided by these images.

Electrical borehole images provide the means to perform detailed high-resolution reservoir characterization at and adjacent to the borehole. This paper addresses several of these applications, which give the geologist, petrophysicists, and reservoir/production engineer a means to evaluate their reservoir and make decisions ranging from setting pipe, to completion strategy, to offset well placement. Various images of thin bedded formations, slumped zones, fractured intervals, and faulted and folded intervals are shown along with the associated interpretations. Also, a series of images, coupled with corresponding outcrop and/or core photos, is provided of deep-water deposits. Implications of reservoir behavior and the required action to efficiently produce the reservoir are included.

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