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Recent and very important oil discoveries in Albian carbonate reservoirs from the shallow to deep waters in the marginal basins off the eastern coast of Brazil have led Petrobras to develop work flows for the geological characterization and modeling of these complex reservoirs. The Albian carbonate reservoirs are often elongated shoals that are mainly composed of grainstones and packstones containing oncolites, peloids, oolites, and rare bioclasts. The sedimentation occurred in a high temperature hypersaline environment (Spadini et al., 1988). The geological controlling factors on reservoir quality are different in each of the Albian fields. Blauth (1993) and Blauth and Carvalho (1994) document the effect of depositional and diagenetic features on pore geometry and permeability of the Albian carbonate reservoirs of the Santos Basin, Brazil. Guimarães (1995) gives a complete reservoir characterization and geostatistical modeling of an Albian carbonate reservoir from the Campos Basin in his master’s degree.

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