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The US Department of Energy (DOE) has participated in a large number of energy projects related to all aspects of conventional and unconventional energy research over the last four decades. Resources addressed in these projects include secondary and tertiary enhanced oil recovery, coal-bed methane, tight sands, oil shale, tar sands, gas shale, gas hydrates and deep gas. The current projects at the National Energy Technology Laboratory include enhanced oil recovery, oil shale and tar sands, deep gas, and gas hydrates. The information presented in this paper is related to the historic projects and the results from case studies, production mechanisms, environmental aspects, and technology development producing results that reduced the costs of locating, evaluating, and producing these resources in the US, during the last forty years. The information is available through the DOE web site, Included on the website are links to the University of Utah and the Colorado School of Mines for access to further references related specifically to oil shale and tar sand research.

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