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A silica gel coated with a film of Λ-Ru(phen)32+-montmorillonite (phen = 1, 10-phenanthroline) was used as a packing material in high-performance liquid-column chromatography. The resolution of Co(acac)3 (acac = acetyl-acetonato) was studied by varying the flow-rate, the component of an eluting solvent, and the temperature of the column. The column showed remarkable resolution efficiency compared with known column materials, such as natural and synthetic organic polymers. The mechanisms of chirality recognition were interpreted in terms of the intermolecular stacking of Co(acac)3 with pread-sorbed Λ-Ru(phen)32+ either on the external surface or in the interlayer space of the clay film. The column also resolved a wide variety of organic compounds, some of which are key molecules in asymmetric syntheses, such as 2, 2′-binaphthol and phenyl alkyl sulfoxides.

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