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The main objective of the Preissac-Lacorne field trip is to familiarize the participant with the important geologic and metallogenic characteristics of the Li-, Be-, Ta- and Mo-bearing granitic pegmatites and associated peraluminous monzogranite plutons. These felsic intrusives constitute the youngest magmatic events related to the emplacement of the Preissac-Lacorne batholith.


This excursion is expected to last a full day. The location of the different stops is shown on the geological map of the Preissac-Lacorne batholith shown in figure 1. We will commence our tour by examining typical occurrences of Be- and Ta-bearing granitic pegmatite dykes intruded within the Lacorne pluton (STOP 1). This will be followed by a visit to an unusual spodumene-lepidolite-beryl-bearing pegmatite body (STOP 2). We will then proceed westward across the batholith to look at a spodumene-albite pegmatite showing cropping out south of the Lamotte pluton (STOP 3). We will then proceed northward along highway 109 to study the northern contact of the Lacorne pluton with its metasedimentary host (STOPS 4, 5 and 6). Finally, we will complete our tour by moving south to the Moly Hill pluton, a small muscovite-garnet granitic body hosting a stockwork Mo-deposit (STOP 7).

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