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This volume, together with its companion volume in Journal of Petrology (Volume 50, No. 7), is the result of the EMAW (European MAntle Workshop: Petrological evolution of the European Lithospheric Mantle: from Archean to Present Day) held in Ferrara from 29 to 31 August 2007. The meeting was organized by M. Coltorti (Earth Sciences Department, University of Ferrara), H. Downes (Birkbeck College, London University), M. Grégoire (Observatoire Midi Pyrénées, CNRS, Toulouse) and S. Y. O'Reilly (ARC National Key Centre, GEMOC, Macquarie University), and was sponsored by the University of Ferrara, the Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori (IUSS) of the same university, the Gruppo Nazionale di Petrografia (GNP) and the Federazione Italiana di Scienze della Terra (FIST). The organizers would like to express their deep satisfaction with the success of the meeting and the enthusiasm it provoked, as well as a sincere thanks to all participants for their contributions. Almost 100 researchers participated in the meeting, coming from most European countries, China, Japan and Australia.

The meeting was an attempt to homogenize the different databases and models that have been developed from many years of study on European mantle xenoliths, peridotite massifs, ophiolites and mafic magmas spanning in age from Archaen to Recent times. Xenoliths from Europe are mostly entrained in Cenozoic mafic magmas, and the imprints of older events may be difficult to recognize in these materials. On the other hand, ophiolites and peridotite massifs record events confined to the Mesozoic history of the upper mantle, while the mafic magmas

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