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The Huntington discoveries are an unusual exploration success in that two oil accumulations were tested in separate syn- and post-rift reservoirs with a single well. The discoveries are located 205 km east of Aberdeen in the East Central Graben some 35 km east of Forties Field in 300 ft of water. The 22/14-5 discovery well, drilled in May 2007, encountered a 122 ft oil column in the Paleocene Forties Sandstone and also a 136 ft oil column in the Upper Jurassic Fulmar Sandstone. Both the Forties and the Fulmar contain high-quality oil, 41 and 39° api gravity, respectively. Aggregate flow rates from the two zones exceeded 11 000 boepd on test. Appraisal drilling of the Forties was completed in late 2007 with first oil targeted for 2011. The Fulmar appraisal programme is currently in progress. The Forties reservoir is a high net to gross sandstone containing stacked channel sequences deposited in a submarine fan system. The Fulmar reservoir also contains a thick sand package deposited in a shallow marine shelf setting. Pre-drill mapping based on reprocessed 3D seismic indicated a structural closure on both horizons at the location tested by the well. At both the Forties and Fulmar targets, however, the oil column height exceeded the pre-drill prognosis. This overview will focus on pre-drill perceptions of the prospect relative to actual drilling results.

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