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The Middle Jurassic Hugin Formation has been the target of exploration within Quadrant 15 of the Norwegian South Viking Graben since the 1960s. The Hugin formation comprises shallow-marine and marginal-marine sediments deposited during the overall transgression and southward retreat of the ‘Brent Delta’ systems. Sedimentological analysis of cores across the quadrant has identified six facies associations: bay-fill, shoreface, mouth bar, fluvio-tidal channel-fill, coastal plain and offshore open marine. These facies associations are arranged in a series of parasequences bounded by flooding surfaces, several of which are correlated regionally using biostratigraphic data. Within this stratigraphic framework, facies association distributions and stratigraphic architectures are complicated, reflecting the spatial and temporal interaction of various physical processes (e.g. waves and tides) with an evolving structural template produced by rift initiation and salt movement. The overall transgression was highly diachronous, becoming younger from north to south. The northern part of the study area (Sigrun–Gudrun area) is characterized by a series of backstepping, linear, north–south-trending barrier shorelines and sheltered bays. The central part of the study area (Dagny area) contains stacked, backstepping strandplain shorelines that fringed syn-depositional topographic highs. Local angular unconformities are developed around these highs, implying that they formed above fault-block crests and salt-cored structures. The southern part of the study area (Sleipner area) contains stacked deltaic shorelines that were modified by both waves and tides. Sandbody geometry is closely related to depositional regime and syn-depositional tectonic setting within the basin; a robust understanding of both is critical to successful exploration of Hugin Formation reservoirs.

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