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The Late Permian to Early Triassic (P/T) transition represents one of the most important Phanerozoic mass extinction episodes. Data from this transitional period are very scarce in continental basins, and reliable correlation with marine series is still a matter of debate. In this paper, information on the P/T transition in the continental series of central and NE Spain and the Balearic Islands is presented and compared with some coeval western European basins. The Iberian Ranges sections contain detailed information on the P/T transition, with sediments interpreted as alluvial fans, sandy and gravelly braided rivers and high sinuosity rivers with extensive floodplains, dated by means of pollen and spore assemblages. However, the fossil record contains two barren intervals throughout the study area, one in the Late Permian (Thuringian) and another during the latest Permian to Early Triassic. The possible causes of these gaps include the very likely relationship with the emplacement of the basaltic large igneous provinces (LIP) of SE China and western Siberia during this period of time.

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