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Onlap architecture

January 01, 2004


The Grès d'Annot onlap on the outer basin margin has been extensively studied, but a number of important issues and critical outcrops remain controversial. A new geological map of the Annot syncline is here presented, supplemented with structural and sedimentological field observations. The mapped onlap traces in Annot reveal a curved, east-concave surface, with distinct westward shift of the successive onlap lines. The inferred onlap direction at Chalufy is to the SW, the only orientation compatible with the movement of the normal fault near Cabane des Abeurons. The similarity of the onlap relations between the areas of Annot and Chalufy, together with the structural features of the Annot syncline, support the concept of a common outer basin margin, rather than of a northern confinement of the Annot turbidites. The margin-onlap setting involved a specific style of syndepositional deformation. As a large, high-density turbidity current arrived on the basin-flank slope, it rapidly decelerated, thickened and dropped its coarse load, while being simultaneously deflected away from the slope. The associated normal stress and overpressure caused sub-horizontal injection and de-lamination of the soft substrate, with the tangential strain curling up the detached substrate slice into an overturned synclinal structure. The process provides an efficient way to incorporate fragments of mudstone and thin-bedded sandstone within the still moving highly-concentrated flow, eventually constituting the chaotic intervals within ‘tri-partite’ beds as the examples observed at the Braux section.

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Geological Society, London, Special Publications

Deep-Water Sedimentation in the Alpine Basin of SE France: New perspectives on the Grès d'Annot and related systems

P. Joseph
P. Joseph
Institut Français du Pétrole, France
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S. A. Lomas
S. A. Lomas
Baker Atlas Geoscience, UK
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Geological Society of London
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January 01, 2004




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