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Experience influenced the Pacific Coast committee in its decision to examine critically and report on the future petroleum possibilities not only of the most promising undeveloped and the producing regions but also of those regions that seem to offer little encouragement for further exploration. Figure 11 shows that only eastern Washington, the Modoc Lava Plateau in northeast California, and a part of the Northern Coast Ranges of California are insufficiently interesting to merit consideration. The predominance of igneous and metamorphic rock exposures in these regions seems to eliminate them, at least for the present, from favorable consideration as possible future oil provinces.

A summary of data for the regions discussed is given in Table I. Some of the numbers are, of necessity, approximations according to available information. This tabulation affords a ready means of comparing the different regions.

The continental shelf adjacent to Southern California is treated in some detail, but the rest of the Pacific Coast continental shelf is not discussed in separate papers. The future oil possibilities of any part of the continental shelf may be considered as similar to the possibilities of the contiguous land area. Areas involved are the following.

Nothing need be said concerning the merits of the following papers—they speak for themselves and reflect great credit on the writers. Special acknowledgment should be made to those committee members whose names do not appear as authors but who contributed substantially to committee work through suggestions, criticisms, and consultations. Association with this committee, a group of

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