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In the 57 years from 1918 through 1974, data on many North American oil and gas fields have been published by AAPG. The amount of data, quality of information, and usefulness of material contained in these field papers have varied throughout the years. In trying to compile a bibliography of field papers, it was difficult to determine how much or how little to include. The final breakdown was made rather arbitrarily, and scanning the actual article may be the only way to determine its particular usefulness.

Any field that is mentioned by name in the title of a paper—whether that paper is a one-paragraph note or a 25-page article—is included in the alphabetical list and indicated by an asterisk. Other field listings, some of which may give as much information as the preceding type, are from articles that have the field name in a heading or on an illustration. A few fields were not included because the data were so scant that usefulness seemed minimal. Unfortunately, some material may have been overlooked because the field name did not appear in a title or heading; use of AAPG comprehensive indexes3 is recommended to find this material.

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