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Sunoco-Felda field is located on the South Florida shelf, on the northeastern flank of the South Florida embayment. Production is principally from a stratigraphically trapped oil accumulation in a reefoidal, algal-plate, gastropod-bearing limestone mound in the Sunniland Limestone of Early Cretaceous age. The discovery well was drilled in July 1964 by Sun Oil Company on the basis of a combination of regional subsurface geology and geophysical work. The oil reservoir is about 11,475 ft (3,500 m) below the surface and is characterized by excellent vuggy porosity ranging upward to 28 percent; maximum permeability reaches 665 md. The field has a 34-ft (10 m) oil column and encompasses a surface area of approximately 4,500 acres (18 km2). Inplace oil reserves are estimated to be 44 million bbl. The South Florida shelf area is sparsely drilled and offers great potential for the discovery of additional fields the size of Sunoco-Felda field. The subtle expression of this type of low-relief feature in the subsurface requires the complete coordination and application of sophisticated geological and geophysical techniques in order to provide a successful and economically attractive exploration program.

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