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January 01, 1997


This appendix comprises a glossary of selected chemical terms used in this volume. Many of the definitions included in this glossary were derived from the following sources: (1) Tissot and Welte (1979), Petroleum Formation and Occurrence; (2) Daintith (1990), A Concise Dictionary of Chemistry; (3) Miles (1989), Illustrated Glossary of Petroleum Geochemistry; and (4) the glossary in Hunt (1996), Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology. Additional definitions can be found in these references as well as the chapters of this volume.


This appendix comprises a glossary of selected organic compounds mentioned in this volume. The common and IUPAC name, empirical formula, and structure are given for molecules in the following groups: (1) carboxylic adds, (2) amino acids, (3) phenols and alcohols, (4) carbohydrates, (5) aromatic compounds, (6) alkanes and alkenes, (7) biomarkers, (8) organosulfur and organonitrogen compounds, and (9) miscellaneous compounds.

Complex organic material such as humic substances, kerogen, and bitumen are described in several chapters of this volume and are not included in this glossary.

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Reviews in Economic Geology

Ore Genesis and Exploration: The Roles of Organic Matter

Society of Economic Geologists
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January 01, 1997




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