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“Because much of the more accessible geological territory in presently known producing regions has been intensively explored, the search for oil is being extended to more remote areas and deeper regions.” This statement, which could just as easily be made today, was extracted from Phillips Petroleum Company's 1947 Annual Report. This report’s date of publication coincides with the offshore discovery of the Ship Shoal 32 Field. The 1947 discovery well, 10.5 miles off the coast of Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, was the first well drilled out of site of land in the world. This paper will review the history of the field, with an emphasis on the advancing technology which has been utilized in developing the salt-related hydrocarbon accumulations. This study will conclude with a discussion of 3D velocity model building and 3D prestack depth migration imaging recently completed for this area of complex structure and highly variable seismic velocity.

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