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Interpretation of Microseismic Fracture Images

January 01, 2014


Microseismic images are interpreted to infer the growth of the hydraulic-fracture geometry and to understand the microseismic geomechanical response to the injection. Interpretations can be classified as geometric (including the fracture dimensions and growth with time) or deformational (using microseismic source mechanisms and strength to interpret additional aspects of the fracture strains). Either type of interpretation is enhanced through integrated interpretation with other information, particularly geologic and geomechanical data. Various hydraulic-fracture aspects can be inferred, although a given project will have key characteristics that are most critical and required to address the specific monitoring objectives.

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists Distinguished Instructor Series

Microseismic Imaging of Hydraulic Fracturing: Improved Engineering of Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Shawn Maxwell
Shawn Maxwell
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January 01, 2014




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