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Summary of the Symposium on Magmatic Ore Deposits

C. E. Michener
C. E. Michener
Canadian Nickel CO., Toronto, Canada
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January 01, 1969


The symposium on magmatic ore deposits was a well balanced program. Thirteen papers on oxide ores were presented, two of which were the result of experimental laboratory work. Nine papers on magmatic sulfides were read, two of which were also the result of experimental laboratory work.

The symposium has confirmed the concept of the separation and emplacement of mineral products from a fluid magma. It would appear from the evidence that the case for oxide ores is better and more secure than the case for sulfide ores. The former results in a more orderly progression in the reaction products during the crystallization of the magma. This is not so readily apparent in the case of sulfide ores. For example, the sulfides in the Bushveld occur mainly in the Merensky Reef and in the Vlakfontein pipes, neither of which are at the base of the irruptive. At Sudbury and Muskox the sulfides occur at the base of both, but appear to have arrived there by different mechanisms. The sulfide deposits as we know them appear to have been subject to more variance and have produced a greater variety of results all stemming from a seemingly common set of conditions. Perhaps with more work we will be able to rationalize these mechanisms. This now seems to be the problem concerning us rather than the question of whether or not the process of magmatic separation is or is not valid.

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists Geophysical Monograph Series

Magmatic Ore Deposits

H. D. B. Wilson
H. D. B. Wilson
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Society of Economic Geologists
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January 01, 1969




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