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Fennoscandian Nickel Deposits

P. S. Haapala
P. S. Haapala
Outokumpu Oy, Helsinki, Finland
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January 01, 1969


This paper mainly concerns the active fields of Petsamo (Pechenga), Monchegorsk, and Kotalahti.

The Petsamo deposits are associated with a zone of layered intrusions that lie within low-metamorphic volcanics and sediments framed by gneisses. The orebodies, which adhere to the footwall of the intrusions, are comprised of disseminated sulfides in serpentinite, many with underlying massive sulfides. With increasing deformation, ore breccias gain in importance and the mineralization extends into adjacent phyllites. The pattern, composition and distribution of the sulfidic phase and its species, reflect local conditions.

The Monchegorsk mineralization lies in layered ultrabasics underlain by gneisses. The sulfides occur as disseminations, massive veins, and minor bodies. The veins strike parallel with, and are grouped above, the long axis of the massif, dip across the layering and die out before reaching the base. Dike rocks traversing the massif are cut by veins.

The Kotalahti orebodies are mineralized portions of complex basic units encased in steeply dipping gneisses. Pegmatitic and amphibolitic bodies traverse the gneisses and brecciate the ore-bearing masses. Orebodies consist of an intricate mixture of disseminated perknite, peridotite and gabbro, and barren pegmatitic and amphibolitic matter, superimposed on which are bodies and stringers of massive sulfides. One exception is an ore shoot entirely enclosed in schists without any apparent connection to basic units.

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Society of Exploration Geophysicists Geophysical Monograph Series

Magmatic Ore Deposits

H. D. B. Wilson
H. D. B. Wilson
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Society of Economic Geologists
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January 01, 1969




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