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The genesis of deposits is a complex problem and only a complex analysis can give a correct answer as to how they originated. The starting points for the consideration of the genesis of the Silesian-Cracow deposits of lead-zinc ores are ascertained facts referring to the following questions: 1) stratigraphy, lithology and tectonics. 2) palaeogeography of the area of occurrence, 3) metallogenic position of deposits, 4) form and geological structure of deposits, 5) mineral and chemical contents, 6) physical properties of ores, particularly textural and structural features, 7) regional regularities in the development and spacing of deposits within the whole ore district.

In the geological structure of the Silesian-Cracow ore district, two units can be distinguished: 1) an older unit of Paleozoic formations, including the Upper Carboniferous system, partly of the Hercynian orogenic cycle and partly of the Caledonian; 2) a younger unit of Permian-Mesozoic-Caenozoic formations belonging to the post-Hercynian platform cover.

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