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All ideas, generally known in the literature, on the origin of the stratiform lead-zinc ore deposits, have already been applied to the genesis of those discussed in this paper.

A characteristic trait of mineralizations of the Sedmochislenitsi type is the presence, together with the lead-zinc mineralization, of a lead-copper one which has been superimposed on the former. Whereas the first ore deposition is encountered almost exclusively in the calcareous sediments of the Anisian, the lead-copper mineralization is found both in the same calcareous rocks and in the calcareous sandstones of Lower Triassic and Lower Jurassic age, as well as in the Paleozoic phyllites.

The features that do not support the conception of a synsedimentary origin of the mineralizations are the following:

  1. (1)

    Their relationship to the main fault structures in the Western Balkan Mountains and to the crossings of these structures by transverse faults. Although the localization is related also to synclines (of a very low order), the mineralization at many places is restricted (tectonically) by impermeable rocks of other ages.

  2. (2)

    The lack of facies alterations in the mineralized and nonmineralized Anisian sediments.

  3. (3)

    The occurrence in the mineralized areas of metasomatic secondary dolomites which have been developed in connection with synchronous dolomitization accompanying ore deposition.

The peculiarities of the mineralizations and the complex geochemical development of the total ore formation of the Sedmochislenitsi type may be most properly explained as due to the penetration of solutions into the already-formed carbonate complex. The metasomatic replacement of the rocks has preferred the limestones, they being the rocks most active in a chemical respect. The sheet-like shape of the ore bodies has been influenced by the bedding of the country rocks and by faults and fractures parallel to the beds.

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