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The Underground tour will examine Proterozoic Zn sulfide deposits of the Balmat Zn mine, described by deLorraine and Dill (1982) and in this volume by deLorraine (2001). The evening preceding the tour will feature a talk on Balmat geology. This talk will involve a slide show presentation with maps, cross sections, and mine models made available for inspection. The latest structural interpretations will be reviewed and there will be in-depth discussions regarding the response of massive sulfides to high-grade, near granulite- facies metamorphism in a sequence of interlayered silicated dolomitic marbles and pure marble units of extremely high ductility contrast. We will demonstrate that ore was tectonically remobilized 600 m and more laterally, by over 2000 m in the down-plunge dimension. This happened in several parent-daughter pairs. The degree and extent of remobilization of massive sulfide at Balmat appears to be unique anywhere in the world.

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