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The Meikle and Betze/Post orebodies are two Carlin-type, sedimentary rock-hosted, disseminated gold deposits, located in north-central Nevada along the Carlin trend (Fig. 1). They display important differences in size, alteration, sihcification, pyritization, and gold grade. The Post/Betze deposit, 14 km northwest of Carlin, Nevada, is fairly representative of Carlin-type deposits. It is a medium- to high-grade, disseminated gold deposit with alteration effected by argillization, decalcification, and local silicification. Published ore reserves are 23.4 million ounces of gold at an average grade of 0.19 oz/ton of gold (Barrick Gold Corp. Annual Report, 1997). The Meikle deposit, is located 2 km northwest along strike of the Betze/Post deposit. It is a high-grade, sediment-hosted gold deposit with extensive silicification, brecciation, and pyritization and contains gold reserves of 6.1 million ounces of gold averaging 0.72 oz/ton of gold (Barrick Gold Corp. Annual Report, 1997). Petrographie and microfhermometric data were gathered from each deposit to determine the mineral paragenesis, pressure, temperature, fluid composition, and depths of formation.

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