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The Otake and Hatchobaru geothermal field is located on the northwestern slopes (900-1,100 m above sea level) of the Kuju Volcano, 4 to 5 km to the north of the fumarolic area of Kuju Iwo-yama. The geothermal system of the field is a water-dominated type and is controlled by fracture systems. The field is one of the most productive geothermal fields in Japan; Otake (12.5 MW), Hatchobaru Unit I (55 MW), and Unit II (55 MW) geothermal power plants have been operating since 1967, 1977, and 1990, respectively.

In this field, we can observe shallow geothermal phenomena such as argillic and advanced argillic alteration, steaming ground, hot springs (steam-heated water), veins, and spectacular mineralization in pipelines.

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