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Hydrothermally altered rocks containing advanced argillic alteration are being studied in British Columbia (Panteleyev, 1992; Panteleyev and Koyanagi, 1993) as part of an investigation of acid sulphate type epithermal deposits and intrusion-related base and precious metal mineralization in settings transitional between porphyry copper and epithermal environments. The initiation of an integrated team project in northern Vancouver Island as part of the Ministry's 1993 Mineral Strategy enabled a revisit to the area and led to additional studies of the advanced argillic alteration and acid sulphate mineralization in Bonanza volcanic rocks to the west of the Island Copper mine in the Quatsino map area (NTS 92L/12; Figure 10.) For a discussion of a related study of the generation of natural acid drainage in this mineralized environment, see Koyanagi and Panteleyev (1994). A summary of the integrated project (Panteleyev et al, 1994) and more detailed descriptions of the other project components - surficial geology, bedrock geology and exploration geochemistry, are contained in Bobrowsky and Meldrum, 1994; Nixon et al, 1994; and Sibbick, 1994.

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