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Mineral deposits within the Copper Mountain (Similkameen) mining camp are located 15 km south of Princeton, British Columbia and 180 km east of Vancouver (Lat. 49°20ʹ, Long. 120°31ʹ, N.T.S. 92 H/7E; Fig. 4). The Crows Nest Highway (#3) provides access to the Ingerbelle Pit, the Ingerbelle East deposit and the concentrator complex on the west side of the a canyon that bisects the mining camp. Topography is moderate across higher altitudes but is rugged through the Similkameen River canyon. Climate is typical of intermontane environments at these elevations, with moderate snowfalls during the winter camp (west of the Similkameen River). The remainder of the known deposits (Pit 1, Pit 2, Pit 3 and Virginia Pit) and other prospects (Duke of York, Honeysuckle, Oronoco, Alabama, Connector, June Bug, Oriole, Oriole Pits, Voigt, Pit 2 East, Pit 2 West and P4 zones) can be reached from Princeton via the Copper Mountain Road on the east side of the Similkameen River (Figs. 4 and 5). Elevations in the camp range from 1050 to 1300 m; the Similkameen River flows at 770 m elevation northward through and cool summers. Precipitation occurs predominantly during the spring and fall. Vegetation consists of grasslands with interspersed ponderosa pine at lower altitudes grading up to dense forests of lodgepole pine, douglas fir and a variety of spruce at higher altitudes.

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