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This stop presents the northern contact of the volcanic rocks of the Blake River Group with the sedimentary rocks of the Kewagama Group. The nature of this contact is highly debated. It is concordant but locally faulted in a homoclinal sequence with tops to the SW from the Kewagama Group to the Blake River Group, following the interpretations of Dimroth et al. (1982) and Macintosh (1977). However, according to Hubert et al. (1984) and Tourigny and Hubert (1986), this contact is non concordant and coincides with the Lac Parfouru fault.

A remarquable exposure in a N-S section along the power transmission line enables us to observe the exact nature of this contact in the Destor township (Fig. 10). The data presented here are taken from a regional mapping of this area realized in 1989 (Lacroix et Landry, 1991). In the Destor township, the Kewagama Group has a N-S apparent width of 100 m and is bordered to the north by the Porcupine-Destor fault and to the south by the Blake River contact, both trending WNW-ESE. The section will begin in the Blake River Group and continue to the north up to the contact with the sediments of the Kewagama Group.

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