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The morning will be spent with an underground visit to Las Torres mine on the Veta Madre. Two types of ore-body geometries occur: fissure-filling; tabular vein deposits, with minor replacement of wall rocks; and stockworks, especially in the hanging wall, and hosted by the Guanajuato Conglomerate. Stockworks are pipe-like features in which the veinlets decrease in number away from the vein. Hydrothermal alteration is widespread; the facies depends on the host rock, but includes silicic and potassic assemblages, which are closely linked to mineralization. The Veta Madre and other veins in the northweststriking systems are rich in silver but carry sparse gold values. In contrast, the cross fractures, rich in gold, can be observed during a brief visit to El Cubo mine in the afternoon. The day finishes as the route is followed southeastwards from the Guanajuato district to Queretaro (Fig. 61), situated at the northern margin of the Trans Mexican Volcanic Arc (Eje Neovolcanico Transméxicano).

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