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The Marble, Independence, and Patriot hills at the southern end of the Ellsworth Mountains consist dominantly of Cambrian limestones that occur in two major facies: (1) gray, well-bedded limestones, and (2) white, massive, marblelike limestone. The latter rock type may in part be of tectonic origin. Conglomerates in the Patriot Hills underlie the limestones, which in turn are correlated with limestones at the top of the Heritage Group at Webers Peaks to the north in the Heritage Range. Folds mainly verge northeastward and trend northwestward, and the major structures are anticlines along the western and eastern margins of the area with an intervening synclinorium. The westernmost anticline is cut by a thrust fault that also displaces some postfolding breccia bodies. Late-phase conjugate strike-slip faults, en echelon extension gashes, and calcite fiber striations indicate a changed orientation of the principal horizontal stress, probably from a northeast-southwest to a northwest-southeast orientation. The main phase of deformation is assigned to the Ellsworth or Gondwanide Orogeny, probably early Mesozoic in age.

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