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An Early Devonian orbiculoid brachiopod fauna was reported by Boucot and others (1967) from the Crashsite Quartzite of the northern Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. Re-collection on this site from strata now known as Mt. Wyatt Earp Formation of the Crashsite Group (Spörli, this volume) has yielded a diverse but sparse and poorly preserved fauna dominated by orbiculoid brachiopods (Orbiculoidea cf. falklandensis Rowell). Also present in the fauna are cephalopods (identifiable only to the order Orthocerida), pelecypods (Nuculites aff. N. cuneiformis Conrad; and Grammysiodea? sp. indt.), a rostroconch (Hippocardia? sp. indt.), gastropods (Holopea? sp. indt.), a fish spine (Machaeracanthus cf. kayseri Kegel), and single unidentifiable specimens of a conularid, a trilobite, and an articulate brachiopod.

The fauna correlates with those of the Lower Devonian Horlick Formation, Ohio Range, Horlick Mountains, Antarctica, and with those of the Lower Devonian of the Falkland Islands and represents the Malvinokaffric Faunal Province.

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