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A diverse Late Cambrian fossil fauna was recovered from the Minaret Formation, Springer Peak, Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. Fossils include trilobites, molluscs, conodonts, brachiopods, archaeocyathids, and Pelmatozoa. The articulate and inarticulate brachiopods, archaeocyathids, and Pelmatozoa are described here; the remainder of the fauna is described elsewhere in this volume.

In articulate brachiopods make up a small percentage of the Springer Peak fauna but are abundant enough to be present in most hand specimens. Preservation is poor. Genera present include Dactylotreta, Lingulella, Micromitra, Quadrisonia, Schixambon, Treptotreta, Zhanatella, and Angulotreta, which is represented by a new species A. ellsworthensis. The assemblage has affinities with those of Australia, suggesting an early Late Cambrian (upper Idamean) age.

Articulate brachiopods are rare in the Springer Peak fauna, and a single species resembling Billingsella borukaevi is present. Archaeocyathids make up a small percentage of the fauna but are abundant on some bedding surfaces. They are represented by a single species referred to Antarcticocyathus webersi. Pelmatozoa are rare, but abundant columnals, probably representing eocrinoids, are present on some bedding surfaces.

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