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Late Cambrian (Late Dresbachian; Idamean) trilobite faunas have been recovered from four localities (Inferno Ridge, Yochelson Ridge, Springer Peak, and the Windy Peak-Pipe Peak area) in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. Trilobites are most abundant, best preserved, and most diverse in the Minaret Formation at Springer Peak, where they are associated with monoplacophorans, gastropods, rostroconchs, archaeocyathids, articulate and inarticulate brachiopods, pelmatozoans, conodonts and algae.

The Heritage Range material includes taxa with North American, Australian, Chinese, and southern Russian affinities and represents three distinct faunal assemblages. Trilobites from the base of the Minaret Formation at Yochelson Ridge represent the Aphelaspis Zone, and trilobites from the Minaret Formation at Springer Peak represent the Dunderbergia Zone. A single parabolinoidid trilobite species (gen. and sp. indet.) from the Windy Peak-Pipe Peak area may represent the Elvinia Zone. Deformed solenopleuracean trilobites stratigraphically below the other three faunas (gen. and sp. indet.) were recovered from Inferno Ridge.

From the four localities 15 genera, 1 new subgenus, and 24 species (8 new) are described. New taxa include Idolagnostus (Obelagnostus) imitor n. subgen., n. sp., Eugonocare? nebulosum n. sp., Changshanocephalus? suspicor n. sp., Bathyholcus? conifrons n. sp., Protemnites magnificans n. sp., Onchopeltis variabilis n. sp., ?O. acis n. sp., and O.? neutra n. sp.

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