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Middle Cambrian or probably Middle Cambrian trilobites were collected at six localities in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, including Yochelson Ridge, Drake Icefall area, Edson Hills, Liberty Hills (two locations), and Marble Hills. The total fauna includes 14 genera (2 new) and 32 species (5 new). Due to original preservation and/or deformation, a number of the forms are not assignable to specific taxa. The new taxa described herein are Peronopsis deons sp. nov., Pagetia edsonensis sp. nov., Sohopleura drakensis gen. et sp. nov., Pseudobergeronites spinosa gen. et sp. nov., and Blountia perplexa sp. nov. The trilobites were found in formations of the upper Heritage Group (Springer Peak Formation, Drake Icefall Formation, and Liberty Hills Formation). The trilobite faunas described show affinities with faunas from northern Victoria Land (Antarctica), Tasmania, Queensland, China, Kazakhstan, and North America. All faunas are probably Middle Cambrian in age (Templetonian and Boomerangian on the Australian biochronological scale).

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