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The Heritage Group is composed of about 7,500 m of sedimentary strata exposed in the Heritage Range of the Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica. The Heritage Group is here redefined to include the Minaret Formation as the uppermost unit. New formations within the Heritage Group are formally described; they are, from the bottom upward, the Union Glacier, Hyde Glacier, Drake Icefall, Conglomerate Ridge, Springer Peak, Liberty Hills, and Frazier Ridge Formations. The Kosco Peak Member of the Union Glacier Formation is also formally described.

Deposition of the Heritage Group took place in Middle and early Late Cambrian time in a rapidly subsiding basin bordered by carbonate rock and quartzite source areas of moderate relief. Sediment transport directions were dominantly from the present south and west. Thick, volcaniclastic terrestrial strata lie at the exposed base of the group, and these rocks grade upward into deltaic black shale and normal marine sediments. A number of active volcanic centers were present in the Heritage Range during the deposition of upper Heritage Group strata.

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