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Coincident with and largely confined to the sulfide-bearing strata are anomalous amounts of Au, As, Sb, Cu, Pb, Zn and Ag with associated silicification, sericitization and carbonatization. Geochemical and alteration changes are complex normal to bedding planes, probably reflecting continual and abrupt changes in exhalite precipitation. In the plane of bedding, they show a more general systematic pattern indicating relatively stable sea floor topography. Facies changes of mineralization observed along strike are believed to reflect varying Eh and pH conditions during exhalite deposition (6, 7). A crude generalization of the pattern, starting from the rhyolite dome and proceeding south, can be summarized as:

  1. Carbonate facies (strike length = 0.8 km),

  2. Sulfide facies and carbonate facies (strike length = 4 km),

  3. Carbonate facies (strike length = 1.6 km) (Fig. 4).

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