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0.0 Prescottonian Motel, Prescott. Turn right onto Gurley Street and Arizona State Highway 69 to Phoenix. On the left is Yavapai College and, behind it, the U.S. Veterans Hospital at old Fort Whipple. The large construction project on top of the fanglomerate-capped hill to the northeast is a Sheraton Hotel under construction.

0.2 Intersection with U.S. Highway 89 north to Ash Fork. The left turn goes along Granite Creek and north through the Granite Dells, a picturesque area of granite spires underlain by the Dells Granite (fig, 43), a 1400±15 Ma (Silver and others, 1981) uranium-rich leucogranite (Anderson, in press). Stay to the right, on Arizona Highway 69 to Phoenix. Highway crosses the wash of Government Canyon. Roadcuts on the left beneath the Sheraton Hotel are Tertiary fanglomerate that locally overlies the 1740±15 Ma Government Canyon Granodiorite exposed in the beveled roadcuts. As the highway climbs the small hill past the Sheraton Hotel, we are crossing the Yavapai Indian Reservation, a 4 mi2 tract of land on the northeast edge of Prescott. Roadcuts are in Government Canyon Granodiorite. View to the left at 9:00 down the small gully if of exposures of the Early Proterozoic Prescott Granodiorite across Granite Creek.

0.8 Chaparral-covered hillside to the right underlain by Government Canyon Granodiorite and Early Proterozoic gabbro. Large hill to the right is Badger Mountain, composed entirely of this gabbro.

1.0 Roadcuts on right in Government Canyon Granodiorite. Hills to the left at 9:00 to 12:00 are Tertiary fanglomerate. View behind and

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