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0.0 Copper Plaza in Bagdad, Arizona. Proceed east on Arizona Highway 96 toward Hillside, Arizona.

0.4 Turnoff to the right to the Bruce mine. Outcrops ahead, on the left, and for the next one-half mile are Hillside Mica Schist intruded by Lawler Peak Granite.

1.0 Roadcut in Hillside Mica Schist intruded by Early Proterozoic foliated granodiorite.

1.2 Small creek from below the Cowboy mine enters Bridle Creek on the right. Outcrops are of dark metabasalt of the Bridle Formation (Anderson and others, 1955). Light-colored rocks are intrusive and extrusive metarhyolite. Roadcuts 0.4 miles ahead in light felsic metavolcanic rocks on the right, dark mafic metavolcanic rocks and Hillside Mica Schist on the left.

1.8 Eastern margin of of metavolcanic belt. Roadcuts in Hillside Mica Schist intruded by aplite-pegmatite.

2.3 Large roadcut contains Hillside Mica Schist intruded by numerous sills and dikes of aplite-pegmatite.

3.4 Tertiary fanglomerate in roadcut. Large dike of aplite-pegmatite projects across the highway. Outcrops ahead about one-quarter mile on the left are light aplite-pegmatite intruded by tan-weathering, ocher-stained, strongly jointed Lawler Peak Granite. On the right are outcrops of strongly jointed Lawler Peak Granite.

4.3 Junction of Arizona State Highways 96 and 97. Arizona State Highway 91 turns off to the right and connects with U.S. Highway 93 to Wickenburg and Phoenix. We continue along Arizona Highway 96 straight ahead through the roadcuts of Lawler Peak Granite. Road narrows through these roadcuts; please drive carefully. Most of the roadcuts are in Lawler Peak Granite, but some aplite-pegmatite

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