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0.0 Copper Plaza in Bagdad. Proceed east on Arizona Highway 96 toward Hillside, Arizona. Drive past the basketball courts on the right and the small park past that.

0.4 Turn right at the sign for Warehouse A. Go across cattleguard.

0.5 Take the first right turn possible. Just past that turn, about 100 feet, is a paved road topped with gray gravel. Take that paved road, which turns off to the right from the housing subdivision that we are driving through. The paved road traverses the hillside slightly above the houses, then climbs through outcrops of Lawler Peak Granite and Hillside Mica Schist.

1.0 Housing subdivision on our left ends. Pavement also ends; continue on tbe gravel road around a hill and toward the Bruce mine. Outcrops on the left are Lawler Peak Granite that intrudes Hillside Mica Schist.

1.5 Low, rounded hills that we are crossing are Hillside Mica Schist intruded by Lawler Peak Granite. The schist is darkly desert-varnished and crops out poorly.

2.4 View to the right past the hi1ls in the near foreground is of Proterozoic granitic rocks east of the Santa Maria River. On the skyline are high peaks in the Weaver Mountains north of Yamell, Arizona.

2.6 “Y” in road; stay to the right. Left fork goes to the Kellis Ranch. Bouldery outcrops to the left are Lawler Peak Granite.

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