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0.0 Copper Plaza in Bagdad, Arizona. Proceed east on Arizona Highway 96 toward Hillside, Arizona.

0.1 Intersection of North Lindahl Road and Arizona Highway 96. Turn left (north). A small Bell Telephone building is on the left as you proceed north; the Bagdad Fire Station is on the right.

0.7 Roadcuts in Hillside Mica Schist intruded by aplite-pegmatite. Sanders Mesa on the left at 9:00. One-half mile farther, pass Faye's Pizza Parlor on the right.

1.7 Turnoff to the left to the Bagdad landfill. Proceed straight ahead on the paved road. Outcrops to the right and on Granite Mountain at 1:30 are light-colored Early Proterozoic aplite-pegmatite, which intrudes Hillside Mica Schist.

2.1 Prominent gray peak, straight ahead in the distance, is Blue Mountain. The pluton contains considerable magnetite, and stand out as an aeromagnetic high (Dempsey and others, 1963; Aero Services, 1983).

2.9 Trailer park on right.

3.1 Pavement ends. “Y” in the road; take the heavily traveled fork to the left that climbs to the top of Nelson Mesa.

3.4 View of Blue Mountain, elev. 5,550 ft, which is underlain by a Laramide pluton that is similar in composition to the diorite porphyry dike swarm associated with the porphyry copper deposit west of the town of Bagdad (Anderson and others, 1955). Big Shipp and Little Shipp Mountains are at 1:00, and 2:00 to 2:30, respectively, in the distance. Both peaks are composed of aplite-pegmatite.

3.9 Top of Nelson Mesa. “Y” in the road at construction site. Stay to the

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