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0.0 Oatman Hotel. Take paved road to Kingman.

0.8 Dumps of the United Western mine on the left side of the road.

1.0 Intersection with road to Bullhead City to the left; continue on the pavement straight ahead. Dumps of the Oatman Amalgamated mine at 10:00.

1.5 Road parallels compositional layering in lati-andesite at Oatman.

1.9 Road goes around sharp bends, paralleling bedding in lati-andesite at Oatman. Contact of Gold Road Latite up the hill to the right about 100 ft.

2.5 Dumps straight ahead are of the Gold Road mine. Spectacular steeply dipping vein system was mined as an open cut about 15 ft wide to a depth of more than 500 ft (Shrader, 1909). Open cut is now covered by steel plates and chain link fence.

2.9 First of two hairpin turns above the Gold Road mine. One-tenth of a mile farther we cross the Gold Road fault and vein. Major adits along the highway on our right were access points to the Gold Road vein. Outcrops of Gold Road Latite on the right and left.

3.8 Adit in very bleached zone in Gold Road Latite. Possible fault contact. Contact of Sitgreaves Tuff just above us.

4.0 First of two small hairpin turns. Climbing uphill. To the left and downhill is the Sitgreaves Tuff. Capping basalt flow unconformably overlies Sitgreaves Tuff at Sitgreaves Pass, straight ahead.

4.3 Sitgreaves Pass. View to the east is of the Hualapai Mountains south of Kingman, Arizona. High peaks to the left in

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